You should all know that if you concede some many many games after that all your opponents are noobs, so you can beat them, also if you win say 10 games in a row you'll get legend players. I believe that this feature should only be active for newer players, and let the game be game, I'd rather have random opponents than opponents that I should beat or opponents I can't beat from the start, "but Sheercold, then the matches would be one sided" they already are, if it is random the match ups aren't one sided since everything is random. Also the ranked experience is amazing, I always get to rank 11 4 stars in a streak, then 1/2 decks counters me or I just happen to have 10 1 drops and 10 2 drops but all I draw is 3 and 4 drops, delightful, given the fact that for the past 6-7 months the exact same model was: draw decent, get a streak, draw like hell and face snipe decks, I ought to say that the game MIGHT be rigged due to the fact that they said countless times that they have rig algorithms but they won't tell us how so they don't spoil the magic...just !@#$ing give me a decent turn 1 for %^-* sake, it's not like I win most matches sheerly due to my decisions?

Please help.

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[فقط اعضا انجمن قادر به مشاهده لینک ها هستند. ]
[فقط اعضا انجمن قادر به مشاهده لینک ها هستند. ]